Frequently Asked Questions
What facilities can I use when renting the camp?
Why do I need to pay a security deposit?
Can I use the swimming pool?
Is West Nile Virus a concern at the camp?
Can I use the cabins?
Why won’t my cell phone work?
Is the pond safe?
Facilities Available

Currently, Camp Tanner has the following structures and facilities;
A longhouse with a kitchen, washrooms, main room w/ fireplace and upper room; eight overnight cabins; the “motel”, swimming pool; craft cabin; tractor shed; and play areas.
Tenants have access to all the facilities with the exception of the tractor shed and the craft cabin. Please see the notes below on the swimming pool and the cabins.
You may be sharing the camp with another group and be asked to share the kitchen and washrooms in the longhouse.
We are current in the process of naturalizing the camp and developing a trail system. This will be available to the tenants as well.

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Security Deposit

Anyone who wishes to book the camp must supply a security deposit. This is required to cover the cost of replacing/repairing missing/broken items and last minute cancellations.
Any extra cleaning required will be charged at a rate of $20/hour.
Costs that exceed the security deposit will be charged to the group responsible.
The camp is inspected before and after each booking to check for damage and to ensure that it is ready for the next group.
Please report any damage immediately. This will ensure that your stay will be as pleasant as possible.

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Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is open from May to October and is available to anyone renting the camp.

Please note: the camp does not have lifeguards. Anyone wishing to use the pool must provide their own lifeguards.

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West Nile Virus

There are some concerns about the West Nile Virus. Our current policy is to ask tenants to take the following precautions:

  • wear light-coloured long sleeved/legged clothing
  • avoid being outside during dusk and dawn (when mosqituos are most active)
  • use an insect repellant containing DEET

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There are eight cabins with bunkbeds available for use. However, the cabins are not insulated and there are no mattresses on the beds.

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Cell Phones

Camp Tanner and the local area has poor reception for cell phones. Some phones may work and some may not.
However, there are two phone lines at the camp. One at the pool house (for emergencies) and one in the longhouse. If you need to make a long distance phone call, please write down the particulars on the log located by the phone.
When the phone bill comes in you will be invoiced as appropriate.

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The Pond

Because of health risks, swimming/wading in the pond is not advisable

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